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Raise prayer for your intentions. Experience how amazing and encouraging it is to see the prayers being offered for you or a loved one.

With GoPrayForMe, you can receive support and encouragement with notifications of prayers offered and private messages sent to your inbox.

Let’s storm heaven with and for each other.

Just so you know it truly warms my heart to get notices in my email that someone is praying. When I get through all this and feeling better I hope to join in your app and pray for others. Love it! This is what I’m looking for, Rosary said, or Chaplet, mass offered up, etc Those powerful Catholic prayers and from faithful Catholics. Your app is doing that - I will offer up what I am going through for this to grow and grow.
Barb Roche ✝️ 10-15-2020 (intercessor in heaven)
For the first time in my life, I felt like a child of God. I embraced my vulnerability and asked for the help of others. United in prayer, my family and friends called on Him and He took care of our known and unknown needs.
Christina Escovar
When our baby was in the Pediatric ICU and things were tough I loved seeing the comforting messages of those who prayed for our baby. I felt like I had a helping hand to carry that cross. It uplifted me when I realized people that don’t even know us are praying for us through goprayforme.
Pretty Thomas
Each prayer received came at critical moments. They were like the hands of God on Earth, they comforted our innermost fears and gave us strength.
Christina Escovar
We are getting the emails now and it is so nice to see how many people who don’t even know us are praying for our little boy! Thank you so much! And the prayers are working in beautiful ways.
Iman Cleveland


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