Pray for Mateo

Created on December 31, 2020

Our youngest son, Mateo, was born with Cerebral Palsy in 2007. When God chose Mateo to carry this cross, he also gave him countless gifts:

Fortitude - to endure mental and physical challenges
Charity - to give a smile to others through his daily trials
Wisdom - to ask for help when needed
Grace - to receive acts of mercy from others

God recently gave him hope.

On January 21, 2021, Mateo underwent surgery at Saint Louis Children's Hospital. This medical miracle is an answer to countless prayers from Mateo, his family and friends. God is so good!

His only question upon hearing the news of this life changing surgery was, who will pray for me?

To the many who prayed as he prepared for and underwent surgery, thank you. In his mercy, God listened to the outpouring of hearts. Mateo was relieved of spasticity and an abundance of in person physical therapy was made possible.

This life changing journey continues at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, please pray for Dr. Anderson and the nurses and therapists at Mercy. May their hearts be inspired by God's love and may their hands guided by His will.

Pray Mateo gains full range of motion in his ankles, regains the ability to walk independently and allow him to retain the gifts of Fortitude, Charity, Wisdom and Grace.

Pray for Mateo's miraculous healing and continued faith in our Lord through prayer.

If you'd like, you can follow Mateo’s journey:

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Site Name: prayformateo

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