Freedom After the Trauma

Created on March 5, 2021 by Freedom After the Trauma

Hey all! You are way overdue for an update on Freedom After the Trauma, so here I am, showing up in your inbox, to let you know the amazing things the Lord has brought about, thanks to your prayers!

We are now an organized company, with a board, a leadership team, and an executive team. We are in the process of connecting and collaborating with amazing anti-trafficking and anti-trauma organizations throughout the country.

We are currently launching our first course, The Fundamentals of Trauma Informed Care, and signing up our first group of students.

Please continue to pray for everyone in our organization, that we remain covered in the protective and healing blood of Our Lord, as well as the successful accomplishment of our mission to organize an anti-trafficking and anti-trauma industry. In other words, to launch an industry of wholeness.

Thank you for your prayers! It’s such a blessing to see the notifications from this site. We know people are praying, and seeing it is a true joy.

Elizabeth Russell
Executive Director

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