Created on June 18, 2021

Update December 7:
Hello family and friends,
As you all know, Valentina just finished one of the hardest phases of the treatment. She will be on "treatment break" for a couple weeks.
As her body needs some rest, please keep her in mind during this advent and add her to your intentions and prayers.
She is still fighting the fight and she is still strong, with a sense of peace and humor through it all. She is a very smart, loving and artistic little girl that is changing the way everyone see's life. She does not complaint, and she knows to offer up all her suffering.. she does it on her own and its amazing to hear all the little things she does and says to "baby Jesus"..
Very inspiring!

Some of you have asked for Valentina address to send her a little picture of your family with a little prayer, a Christmas card or even a little Christmas gift, here it is:

5 Maple Avenue
Naas Co. Kildare W91D5NK

Thank you all for your love and prayers,
Valentina can feel them!
Valentina is my angelic 5 year old niece who lives with her family in Ireland and was just diagnosed with leukemia. Please help pray for her and her family as she goes through it.
Lord, we trust in you. Mary, we trust in you. Amen.

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